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Vitamin deficiencies and anxiety

Has anyone been told possible deficiency in certain vitamins contribute to anxiety and depression? If so, what vitamins did someone recommend?

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Deficiency in vitamins and mineral can cause lack of your overall health :). I suggest taking a multi vitamin pill everyday as it will cover all your necessary need of vitamins.

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They have linked both vitamin b12 and vitamin d deficiencies with anxiety and depression. With vitamin d they don’t know which came first the chicken or the egg...meaning depression/anxiety leads to a deficiency or the other way around. With vitamin b12 they know that a deficiency can trigger symptoms that mimic anxiety/depression. My blood tests showed I was vitamin d deficient (most people probably are). I take both vitamin d and vitamin b supplements along with fish oil in addition to my effexor and remeron.


Has taking supplements made a positive difference in your anxiety/depression?


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