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It’s hard


It’s hard not to cry after talking to someone who emotionally abuses you. Like right now.

My mom has emotionally abused me for as long as I can remember. And when I spoke with her just now she really hurt me. She has no idea about her effect on me, and I can’t say anything about it to her, because with emotional abusers, when you tell them they made you upset, then they act like they’re hurt and they try to be the center of attention and act all down, like you did something bad to them.

At least my sister knows exactly what I’m going through because she goes through the same thing. And my dad is no different in more ways than one than my mom sadly.

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I am so sorry. Is it possible for you and your sisters to move somewhere else or perhaps report this to a social service worker/ police ? Being emotionally abused can take a heavy toll on your overall health and it's not a good idea to let this keeps on going. You don't deserve this and your parents need to realize what they are doing to you. I hope you are feeling better. Feel free to message me, I am here for you. Stay strong, stay tough and stay safe, my friend xoxo.

Hi my mother was like that but the last time she made me cry I was 25. I made a decision then that she would never make me cry anymore and she never did. I don't know how old you are but I am guessing a lot younger than 25. I left home at 18 to get away from her and the toxic environment. Are you in a position to leave home?

I also built an emotional brick wall against her and limited my contact with her. I did eventually move back to be a lot closer to my family but by then I was an adult and found her a lot easier to deal with. x

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