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Anxiety and panic attacks


Being diagnosed with Bell's palsy I have been depressed since 8 years. I often got bullied during my school days. I'm scared to face people, making new friends. As i grew younger my grades fell terribly and often used to cry at home. My parents do support me , even take care of me a lot but they don't understand my inner feelings. I feel terribly depressed to go outside and express myself, although I end up getting a creepy stare. I feel lost, alone and sometimes feel like life is hell. Nobody's there beside me and recently being suffering from panic attacks. The doctors said everything is fine but the pain I'm suffering is indescribable. I have faith in god and still hoping that things will get better one day.

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that must cause you terrible personal pain to be subjected to social ignorance, and I'm sorry you had to go through being bullied. I'm glad you here, a lot of people here have social anxiety, physical health issues, physical limitations, and all contributes to anxiety and depression. So your in good company here with a lot of very nice people.

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I am so sorry U had to go through this. We r here for U! So glad U have ur faith.

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Glad to see this..Thank you so much

Thanks for reading it means a lot!! and yeah I believe so there's alot of people here suffering the same issue and that's why I'm here to find people like me. They'll understand me better...

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