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panic attack right now


hi everyone, right now i’m 90% sure my boyfriend is cheating on me tonight (he has done so in the past but promised he’s changed). he also hasn’t been replying to my phone at all the whole night and i know he’s not “just at home sleeping”.

i’m currently on the verge of a full-blown panic attack. my breathing is fast and shallow, i feel like i’m out of breath and my heart is beating so fast, my hands are shaking. please send any advice or comforting words :( i can’t sleep

also, i’m sorry for always bothering you with my problems. i’ve been going through such a rough time this month. i’ve been turning to this site because it would’ve been impossible to go through everything i’m facing by myself without you guys and your unconditional support.

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I’m so sorry to hear that :( I’d suggest to try to focus on doing a breathing exercise or perhaps if you are in need of hand you can reach out to Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741... they’re really good when you’re in crisis

i tried the crisis line and i’m still on hold on the phone

Awww hang in there dear <3 someone will definitely come through <3 meanwhile we’re here for you. Focus on taking deep, slow breaths and counting them


I’m so sorry you are feeling this way. I have been in a similar situation and my boyfriend at the time didn’t show up until the next morning. I was panicked and drove around trying to find him until I gave up. Is there a friend or family member nearby that you can go and be with? If possible try not to be alone right now. This is just one of those awful situations that happens sometimes in life. Gather friends and family around you, talk to people like us and just vent. Journal, exercise, something to get the energy out. It is possible he is not cheating, that you could be over reacting and he may have in fact fallen asleep. You really don’t have enough information right now to be sure. Waiting is hard but practice breathing techniques and self soothing, whatever happens you will get through it.


What's happened this time to leave you feeling he's cheating?

how many times are you going to put yourself through this exact same thing with this guy my friend....if the same thing happens over and over.....and there is no change on his part...your the only one who can make the change....I know the fear of being alone sometimes prevents us from getting out of unhealthy relationships....but is this constant suffering worth not ending this torment? Are you in therapy to help you learn to let go? When is enough enough......

Take a deep breath. Remember you are a wonderful person. You are fine. You can survive and do well with or without him. Focus on other things( music, a walk etc..) When you are in a better place reassess the relationship. Is he good for you? Does he provide what you need and want?

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