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Hoping for a positive wave


I have a bit difficult morning with axiety and thoughts of doubts and negativity.

Interesting how nothing have changed since yesterday in facts of my life...but thoughts are here again.

But I want and will talk to myself and remind myself that I have to be patient and take small steps...and not look too much ahead, in the future.

We can not see what is ahead but we can make our “now” better or at least manageable. I am trying to stop this negativity wave and get back to today and now. Yes, nothing has changed since yesterday but those feelings and thoughts come in waves.

So today is the day to deal and fight with this wave. And it will be better ...not even tomorrow but later today, because mornings are the toughest.

Wish you, dear friends, easy day and positive wave in your thoughts and feelings.

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yep....it's all we can do sometimes is remind ourself not to be looking for the reason we are feeling sad, there does not have to be a reason to feel that way when we have depression,....it's a chemical imbalance in the brain....and you just have to ride it out, cause it will eventually get better....

I’ve found positive talk doesn’t work for me, I tried and tried in the 80 and 90s when it was all the rage. ☺️ I’ve also found recently that meditation or learning to stop negative thoughts is beneficial, for me those negative thoughts are always there making me feel terrible unless I stop for a few minutes and focus on being in the moment and practice stopping those thoughts. To me meditation, which is a bit of work, never feels like a fight like what I’ve tried in the past. I know everyone has their own ways, just thought I’d share mine.

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Thank you so mush for sharing your ways of coping. I will try meditation in those moments as well. What I have noticed though: if anxiety is high I can not get into meditative state. I have to first calm myself down to a certain degree to start meditation. May be because I don’t have enough experience meditating.

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Meditation feels like any other exercise to me the more I do it the easier it is, when I first started I was pushing thoughts away and they’d immediately come back, the more I did it the longer I could experience the quiet. And now the the few minutes I steal here and there are very helpful. I know the best thing for me would be to sit first thing in the morning and spend 15-20 minute but I’ve never been able to do any workouts in the morning. 😉 just not a morning person.

It’s super hard to fight negativity in our brains. It fills my body completely up. The mornings are the most difficult and procrastination and Sleeping seem to work so well on that. But no! The things that scare us won’t disappear. We need to work on them. Getting the things done is number one. We really need to be tough against our problems. We say that fear has only big eyes... it seems scary until we face it.

I wish you courage. Courage to fight each sad thought. To fight against fear. To be proud of your success.

It was said in one of the posts: people with anxiety are way stronger than the rest. We are aware of how hard it is to stand up everyday.

I’m scared to death but I’ll try to make a list of things that I have to do today to make the next morning easier.

Good luck!

Wonderfully said. Yes, agree. We are courages and success helps to move on and do the next step.

I hope for the next step!

I am so glad you are trying to change those negative thoughts. Trying not to address them is a great started to feeling better. It is wonderful that you are having a positive attitude that they will go away. Here is an article I find helpful about changing your thoughts. bit.ly/2MdGi0p I will keep you in my prayers. Have a blessed day.

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