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Making a toolbox for Ellinaki

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Sometimes when in trouble emotionally we need this, but maybe next time this won’t work like before. So I’m thinking that we could make a good list of lots of things that have ever helped us like tools we put into the toolbox.

We can keep them near and when having a rough time, then go down the list and pick out one or some to try.

I hope this will be helpful.

Be in nature

Listen to music

Rest and do nothing

Deep breathing

Start a project or a class


Rearrange a space to give it a better vibe

Smile at someone

Create art

Pay attention to thoughts and put in positive ones

Ignore the thoughts and let go

Remember to do one thing at a time

Remember to take it a step or day at a time

Do something out of the ordinary



Do word games

I know that sometimes nothing is going to get you where you want to be, and it’s okay but you can try, like today, something is working, I’m sitting in the sun which is a little step towards my goal for later on. Sometimes a little thing can mean everything as it comes together.

5 Replies
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(((((Star))))) I love this! I wrote a list and keep it nearby. It’s funny how your list is a lot like like mine. Thank you for this. It can really help people 🤗🤗🤗

Omg! I love this so much tooo! I’m following this post so I can remember to look at this! I love rearranging spaces to give it a better vibe! That’s one of my favorites! 🤗 Love you starlight, star bright. 💫 ✨💖

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First star you see tonight 🎶

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Neato indeed! I must add to the list ...hmmm this could be addicting

Thank you so much...I hope this post also helps others... today im going to go for a walk, that's my pick..your beautiful starlight..

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