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Back after a week away

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Hey guys and gals! Brian here! Well, I took an unexpected detour last week and stayed away from the site. There are times when I need to decompress and unwind. As most of you know, I'm not a social butterfly by nature. While I do love to socialize with all of you, I also need some time to myself. I apologize for not being around as often. It's one of many ways that I keep myself sane. lol Anyway, I will try to be on as often as I can, especially with the holiday season upon us. Hit me up with a PM if you like, or just reply here and I'll respond :)

Your friend,

Brian :)

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Hey glad you was able to get same me time. I know that felt great. Nothing better than self love. Glad that you’re back. No need to apologize for taking time out for yourself you deserve it. Hope to hear more from u and have a great day. Sending u a hug 🤗🎄☃️

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bridder01 in reply to tamka38

Thanks tamka, I really appreciate it! :)

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tamka38 in reply to bridder01

You’re very welcome, Am here if u need to talk. So what u do for fun while u was spending time with yourself? Are u really for Christmas?

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bridder01 in reply to tamka38

We'll see lol

We only do what we are comfortable with my friend...and that's good enough. Hope your feeling okay honey..... :)

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bridder01 in reply to fauxartist

Doing better every day :) I hope you're well too hun :)

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fauxartist in reply to bridder01

hangin in there too honey.....we can only do our best with what we have to work with at the time....and that's all we have to worry about at the moment, just getting through the next day .... some are harder than others....and some are good days....

Hey great to see you are back, always get more inspired when I see your posts.

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bridder01 in reply to Tikirob

Thanks Rob! I try. Don't always succeed, but I still try lol

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