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Getting over the hump?

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Hey everyone! Brian here! Tomorrow is the first day of August, which means it's the dog days of summer. Tomorrow evening, I'm gonna be on Discord for anyone who wishes to chat with me. I was on tonight, but not many others were. On Thursday, I begin radiation treatments for the tumor I have. So, let's make a date to hang out and chat tomorrow evening :) I'll be there...…...will you? ;)

Your friend,

Brian :)

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Sending you thoughts of healing, Brian. Dont know what Discord is....

lol.....old ladyish of me...but that's ok. Good luck on Thursday....

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Thanks Paris! :) Here, I'll post the link for the info on getting on Discord. It's pretty straightforward. I'm on right now and will be for a little bit :)

I shall try my best. I have a lot to talk about.

What is discord? A chat forum or? Sorry for my ignorance but if it allows me to talk to others facing all this it may be helpful.

Can someone email me detailed info?

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Here's the link to the post for how to get onto Discord:

Hope this helps! :)

Wishing you only the best with the treatments my friend! I do not know what discord is ( not in 21st century tech) but it sounds pretty interesting. Light the fires and kick the tires my friend!

Hi Brian! I'm wishing you all the best with this journey you are going through! You will remain in my thoughts! Love & Hugs!!!

My thoughts are with you Brain. Remember you have a bunch of friends here that will be with you in spirit Thurs. Sending hugs.💛

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Thanks Mel! :) I really appreciate it :)

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