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Beta Blocker and antidepressant interaction


I previously posted that I was going to be starting an antidepressant, Wellbutrin. I have been on it for almost two weeks. I cannot really comment about it as I fear I’m having it negatively interact with another medication. I have already reached out to a doctor to discuss this but I was told he may be away on vacation and I’m not sure what else to do. I’m feeling worse than I normally do.

My cardiologist decided to put me on a beta blocker, metoprolol, for my tachycardia. It is a very low dosage, only 12.5 mg, I have found online there may be some contraindications between this and Wellbutrin. Does anyone know more about beta blockers and antidepressants? I’m aware you guys cannot give medical advice but until I find a doctor to speak to...I’m just wanting to learn any info that I can.

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I’m not a doctor so I can’t necessarily advise you on anything however, as long as you got those medications filled at the same pharmacy, the pharmacist should have picked up on a medication interaction between the two of them. If you’re still concerned call the pharmacy you get your meds filled at and ask a pharmacist. Also looking up things like that on the internet is only going to make you more anxious.

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While that is true, I only looked up on the Internet after I started feeling worse. My side effects had intensified at this point and my anxiety worsened and I started having crying spells out the blue. Because I know how my anxiety can get, I don't drive myself crazy looking up symptoms or side effects when I am on a new medicine. I just take notes on how I feel and what I experience and go from there.

I will reach out to the pharmacist. I appreciate your suggestion.

Thank You :)

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I am the same way and then I start panicking and creating symptoms that are more in my head than anything. If you’re really worried, your doctor’s office should have someone on call or someone that can at least address any questions or concerns you may have.

I am on 25mg once a day of the same beta blocker you were given and also take 10mg of prozac a day and .5mg of ativan when needed (which is rare). The beta blocker for me with the prozac has been a Godsend. Hope it works for you as well :) p.s. try not to google much I know its hard but please try :)

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I understand. I appreciate the info and advice.

Thank You :)

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Hi I've been on Metoptolol for at least 8 years at the recommendations of my cardiologist as well. I too suffer from tachycardia as well as a valve not opening the right way in my heart but, anyway, I have been on antidepressants for over 10 years and have switched to Effexor for the last 5 years and I'm doing fine.

I only had a recent setback because I needed a higher dosage. I am also taking Quetiapine and doing fine.

Everyone reacts differently to meds but this is my experience. I wish you well 😉

Thank You


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