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Hi im new


Hi im new here and haven't really talked about this with anyone i am a lonely person dont have any friends that i can rely on gone through abusive bullying when i was at school and it still effects me now i work as a chef and get yelled at all day everything is always my fault no matter how hard i try i usually sit up all night wondering if its worth it anymore. i really just hate life its so unfair i got hit and smacked when i was younger just for doing the smallest things wrong just want some people to talk to.

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Nothing is your fault, the only people to blame are the bullies. I was bullied too which gave me anxiety and I shut up completely because of it which made me lose all my friends. Which then turned into depression because of so many things at a time, no friends whilst being bullied, no one to turn to, feeling very lonely and that no one understood me. Still alone till this day and just trying to get through each day despite having to deal with who I am now.


Hey there, welcome to this site. We are all here for you. I'm so sorry that this happened to you & I can completely understand why you would feel like that. I know what bullying is like, & I wouldn't wish that on anyone. You're stronger than you know for all that you've been through. I will be thinking of you & I'm here for a chat if you need me. <3 You can get through this, I promise. Please hold onto my words. I've been there. I know what that desperation of wanting the pain to end is like. There's been so many times I've prayed to whoever might be up there to just take me away from this life.... But all I wanted was the pain that I felt to go away. You can get through this. We're all here to support you & please know you're not alone. You can continue living... There's so much world out there to offer you. <3 You just have to get there & you can see it. Hugs & love to you. <3


Hi BugsBunny1996!

Please don’t sit up all night worrying and replaying negative experiences over and over again in your head! That thought pattern really aggravates depression and will keep you sick and full of bad feelings about yourself. Don’t dwell on past occurrences, even if it happened just last night...it’s still the past and you shouldn’t be revisiting it.

I was smacked around too in childhood and I understand how haunting the negative words they used can be. You have to make a positive choice to think and view yourself in a different light. Embrace the reality of who you really are, not some hateful words thrown out at you from the past. It’s definitely harder than how it sounds! I wish you the best and peace of mind!

I'm so sorry for what this world did to you! You did not deserve this hurt. And I'm sorry the wounded you so much when you were an innocent, defenceless child :(


I feel for you, I really do. Don't dwell on the past - you can't change that, but you can change your future and how things from the past effect you. Cheffing is a profession where bullying is rife. It doesn't make it right - but its more common. Think of a career change or even moving within that career if poss. All chef positions cannot possibly be like that - I know its a stressful, fast paced environment. Remember that whoever is doing the shouting is not meaning it personally to you. Tomorrow is a new day - don't lose sleep over what has gone before. Remember that you've got access to loads of friends on here so never feel that you're alone in this.


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