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College has been notoriously not my thing, but I am pretty confident for this upcoming Fall semester. Typically, anxiety causes me to leave class to take a breather and calm my nerves, depression causes me to skip class all together and brings down my motivation and purpose, and negative self talk tanks my academic confidence. I enrolled in an internship class for the program I have been making my way through (slowly but surely) and I am excited to be getting things in order. I'm only taking this one class, and by the end of the semester, once I've completed my internship, I will have my associates degree.

I have a lot of anxiety and judgement towards school and seeing myself succeed, but I have a small support circle and am eager to accomplish something.

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Glad you can see A&D lie to us every day. It’s not easy, I got my associates the same way. Congrats!

Very nice MaryAlice,

You will succeed. Keep your support circle close and never be too proud or ashamed to reach out, no matter how many times you need too. Also, if there is counseling services at your school, please reach out and utilize ALL the resources they offer. I am also in university and I totally get it and you'll be amazed how much your professors and administrators can relate. There is an abundance of help out there but you have to speak up and let your voice be heard in order to receive the help.

I'm in your corner cheering you on. YOU GOT THIS.

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