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Guess it was too long


Well I guess my post was too long since I didn’t get any replies or suggestions or again maybe it’s my way of allowing my depression and Anxiety to get the best of me. Well, I decided to go back and read my post and it was helpful to go back after a while and possibly see it different. While my problems are still there I looked at each problem and asked myself, is it really that bad, what can I do if anything to help or change it snd how am I going to deal with it or let it affect me and believe it or not it actually isn’t as bad s it could be. I read other post about people losing their love one and at least I still have mine no matter what had been done to me I am blessed. I’m determined to beat this and get my life as close to ideal for me as I can.

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It sounds like the post was worthwhile, but I am sorry you didn't get any replies. Try again.

I like that you went back and reevaluated your post, maybe it was written just for you.

I did a lot of journaling for about 4 years. It is amazing that I could learn so much from my own writings.

Wow. You are amazing for going back to read your post. I love that idea to gain perspective. I have not been able to read everything so I haven’t come across your other post. However, I am so glad you are feeling better.

I have been able to read everything on here, but I just wanted to say that is it great that you have not been put off and have posted this note.

Take care.

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Did you delete your original post because I went to see what it was, but can't find it on your profile.

If you did delete it try posting again.


I did delete it, but I will repost

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