Can't keep it together

Hey everyone,

So not sure if anyone read my first post but for a while my anxiety and depression wasnt allowing me to eat. Well for about a week ive been able to eat some solid foods. However, i noticed the weekends are kind of hard for me when it comes to eating. Yesterday i realized my house is a trigger for my anxiety. Anyone else dealing with that?

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  • Hello, king yes been there!! Not eating is one of the symptoms . Lost lots of weight, an yes my house was a trigger. Anxiety made me feel something was always wrong! When I first got anxiety 5 years ago, it hit me hard. You will get better!! Try to train an burn some of that anxiety! You not alone!!! You will get better with time😊

  • Train and burn? Like exercise?

  • Yes exercise

  • Anxiety makes me feel weak, do you force yourself to exercise and get through it?

  • Yoga helped today

  • Im supposed to go to a cycling class in a few but i havent even gotten out of bed.

  • But right now, since anxiety is high, get your eating back first, that's what I did. It took time, sleep was hell, but sleep an nutrition, is important, I know what you going though . Sounds just like I was.

  • I thought i was on the right track. Last week i began to eat solid foods again daily and over the weekend i havent really eaten much. I figured out that my house is a huge trigger for me.

  • Yeah be in tune with your triggers.but remember anxiety plays a lot of tricks on you. Right now it's messing with your eating. When I first got my anxiety I moved out my house, anxiety made me feel that it was my house, but it really was me. Be strong ride the hard times out, it will get better. If your house is a trigger then try your best to fix it. Anxiety became my best friend an worst

  • Hi do you know why your house is a trigger for you? Is it related to not feeling safe there? I think it will help you a lot if you can pinpoint what is wrong and why.

  • Oh you got replies to both your previous posts. I am surprised you can't see them.

  • The posts or the triggers?

  • The replies to your posts.

  • yes I can see them, but i think this has to do with me passing out in January, which happened in my home. the odd thing is I was taken off work for two days after and I was right back to my norm. but in the last few weeks to month is when my anxiety began to show its ugly face.

  • HI, I am new and just ran into your post. Although I have never been diagnosed with anxiety, I feel am going through the same thing here, I have no appetite and my stomach feels like a knot, I do force myself to eat because I am already under 100 lbs as it is, never been diagnosed but I am scheduling a doctor appointment today to try and figure out what is making me feel like this.

  • Thats great. Yes do that. Ive lost almost 20 lbs in 3 weeks since this has gotten bad. Its getting a little better but it still gets hard.

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