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I don't enjoy my own company


I am really upset with myself, i don't understand why it is difficult for me to be by myself without feeling depressed. I went to school to discuss with my supervisor about my seminar presentation and after seeing him i decided to go back home as i have nothing else to do in school coupled with the fact that i was having a funny feeling in my stomach. I had plan to sleep when i get home before working of my presentation and it felt like i had a good plan at that time. But trying to school and i couldn't instead something keeps telling me that i am not happy, that my life is empty, that my life has not meaning and now i am feeling exactly that way. Crying and feeling depressed for no reason. I know the best thing to do is to go out and be with people or do things that bring me joy but for how long with i continue to run away from being alone with myself. I need help on how to enjoy being by myself without feeling depressed

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I identify with this. I lose it when I have to be by myself. I think that’s why I used to go to school and work two jobs and always kept busy with work but I broke down recently in law school and people have been urging me to relax and take it easy because I put way too much on plate. So now I have less work to do but that means I’m by myself more often and I’ll try to watch Netflix or color or bake but similar thoughts creep in for me about how I hate myself and all this other stuff. I recently started going to therapy maybe that would help you. Also I just started doing this. I was also thinking about volunteering but I think if I did that then I’m just missing the point. I don’t have good advice but you’re not alone

Thanks so much. Therapy is not popular in Nigeria but knowing i am not alone in this gives me comfort.

You can Google some fun activities to do by yourself or play some video games

I will definitely try this


If you know what the right thing to do is then go do it. Stop sitting around doing nothing.

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