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Let go or fight back?


So when I had a miscarriage I dealt with a lot of issues. I had a few “friends” try and ruin my life by telling everyone I was never pregnant. On top of losing my boyfriend and child, I lost a few organization, a job opportunity, and almost my fraternity along with several other friends.

I’m meeting with a staff member on my college campus and was wondering if I should report the people or just forget it and move on?

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Were these friends the reason you lost all these things if so you should definitely report them

They’re not the reason I lost the boyfriend or baby, but everything else yes.

Then they definitely need to be reported

Those people do not sound empathetic whatsoever. From people I've talked with over the years a miscarriage is a terrible loss. As is a breakup with a significant other or a job loss, etc. As for reporting these people...I don't know other than my gut reaction is to just move on. If they don't possess the empathy skills you need, then are they "friends?" I think not.

I grieve for you and your loses. I know...I was just laid off from my job. I'm going through hell with this. But I have to keep moving forward somehow. I hope you can as well.



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