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Staying home

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The biggest thing I am challenged with is being home alone with my daughter my therapist thinks it may be agoraphobia (I think that’s what she said) so today I was so determined to stay home for the whole day while my boyfriend is at work .. I made it four hours which is an accomplishment in the sense that that is the longest I’ve stayed home so far. But I also feel like I failed and I just need to get over it...but easier said then done I suppose

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Hi. Sorry I don't get this. Agoraphobia is a phobia of leaving your home and sufferers are housebound. It is a fear of open spaces. Do you mean something else? x

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Kylie55 in reply to hypercat54

No she had said it could be the opposite as well idk that’s what she said and that usually they have a “safe person” which I do but idk lol

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hypercat54 in reply to Kylie55

Well that's news to me. Don't know what to say then - sorry. x

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Agoraphobia can also be a byproduct of panic disorder. People have panic attacks outside of the house which becomes their safe place. It isn’t a fear of leaving the house but of having panic attacks outside of their safe place.

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hypercat54 in reply to Hidden

My sister has had agoraohobia for most of her life and she is afraid to leave the house because of panic attacks. She is housebound because of this. Therefore she has a fear of and is unable to leave the house! x

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Lins345 in reply to Hidden

True...exactly how I feel. Hopefully going to get treatment for it soonish...the lady said it'll be hard work for me...but I'm going to try X

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Skeeble in reply to hypercat54

Agrophobia is a fear of not being able to escape from a situation.. It's not just about open spaces. X

Hi Kylie55, What happened after the four hours? Did your boyfriend have to come home

from work? I can relate to this in some ways. I was Agoraphobic for 5 years. During that time, I was a foster mother. I had gotten my daughter at the age of 2 when I didn't have anxiety. As time went by, anxiety developed as I now see that it was caused by the realization that I was fully responsible for this child and the "what ifs" started taking over. My anxiety grew to the point of not wanting to go out of the house as well as worrying about being alone . I needed my mother or my sister or a friend to either stop by or call me to make sure everything was okay. I even ended up giving the elderly sisters next door the key to my home for a just in case moment which never transpired.

The fear of being alone at home is a frightening one. It had nothing to do with being afraid of someone breaking in, it was more terrifying then that. I was afraid of my own mind and the negative thoughts it was feeding me. After much at home therapy, I did get better but it was a long difficult struggle. I sympathize with you. stay strong it will eventually get better xx

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Kylie55 in reply to Agora1

Yes this sounds like what I am dealing with no he didn’t have to come home this time I left the house everyday I leave my house until about 8 and my boyfriend get home at about 10. It’s quite the struggle even sitting here now I am feeling anxious trying to calm myself down because I know everything is okay it’s just the physical sensations I get from anxiety really scare me

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Skeeble in reply to Kylie55

Are you on any medication for it? I had this at first when I first started getting anxiety and I was put on beta blockers and it helped so much. Stoped the physical side of things and the rest I just had to pish through. My agrophobia is triggered by long distances so I get it aswell. Hope you feel better soon x

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Kylie55 in reply to Skeeble

They had put my on an ssri and I didn’t like they way it made me feel then they gave me another one to try but my anxiety is too much and I’m scared to take it 🙃 it’s really frustrating

Ai have it sucks. Though I can stay at home alone and overnight x

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Kylie55 in reply to Lins345

I can stay home overnight and during the day as long as my boyfriend is here if he isn’t then forget it I’m running for the hills

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