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What is Hope?


Why do we endlessly pursue things in the hope that it may change our mood, our lives, our perception of things?

How are we meant to survive on hope alone? You've all heard the old saying "where there's life there's hope"

Hope of what exactly?

Hope that tomorrow is a little less miserable than today? Hope that friends who can't bear to be around you any longer, have a change of heart and want to learn about depression/anxiety and how to help? Hope that things really will get better? How, when Mental Health services are so poorly funded? When there are no beds, or there's at least a 2 year wait for therapy or counselling in some areas of the U.K.

Hope that somehow Universal Credit will be scrapped, because we all know what that is going to bring, even more misery, as has P.I.P., and E.S.A., along with the cruel and inhumane assessments.

Is the fact that we go through absolute hell on a daily basis, not enough?

My hope, is that everyone who is struggling, everyone who is ill, gets the help and support they need and deserve.

What do you HOPE for?

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That the stigma changes!!! XXX

Life would be so much easier if the people around us would change, right? I used to place all my hope in that and I spent much of my time doing things to help move that along only to constantly fail. It has taken me a long time to realize that the hope I placed on others to change only led to disappointment and pain. I am learning instead to place my hope in the change going on inside of me, which has only been possible through my relationship with Christ. Even if nobody else around me changes, the change He is doing in me keeps my hope alive. This leads to contentment that's not based on anyone else's behavior...peace and joy. This is an ongoing process, it doesn't happen over night, so I pray for patience. I pray you will find your hope, too.

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