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I’ve been having muscle twitching lately, so I mentioned it to my Dr today. She told me to cut down or rather eliminate coffee and all caffeinated drinks. I’ve always been an avid espresso drinker. I would have at least 10 to 12 shots in a day. I know that drinking that much is probably causing the twitching. So, I’m going to switch to decaf. It’s going to be tough but my anxiety levels have been through the roof. Anyway I wish everyone on here the best. Samson

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My anxiety is more severe when I have caffeine in my system. I've switched to low-caffeine teas, and tried to get more sleep. That combo seems to work for me.

Strongest123 in reply to Tedddy

Yeah, I know it’s going to help me in the long run. And the huge amounts of caffeine does lead to depression

I too have cut back on coffee and it seems to be making a difference. Both caffeine and sugar are bad for Adrenal fatigue I am reading. Since starting Prozac 4 days ago I have cut back on coffee, sugar and eliminated alcohol.

Yes I’ve cutback on caffeine now for 3 days. Actually I’ve eliminated caffeine totally. Hasn’t been easy. I’m so accustomed to having several shots of espresso in a day. I must admit that my anxiety isn’t as bad today, even though my depression is through the freakin roof! Samson

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