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Life is precious

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I just recently joined this forum. I am so grateful to have a place to share, have others share and we can be a support for one another. After struggling with depression, I have learned that each day I feel well is a blessing. God has shown me that life is precious and I need to treasure and embrace each moment. Knowing I am not alone gives me the strength and encouragement I need each day. Just want to say I love you all. 💕

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Well I love you too!!! I wish you a peaceful day!!! XXX

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Thank you and you too. We must be the early risers. Just listening to the birds chirping. What a great sound to wake up to.

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I love love love the birds, sometimes I wake them up, hahahaha! XXX

We have the same thing in common! I went through ppd 2 times in a 2 & Half years!!! Yet here I am still hanging in there!!! All the best for you!!! XXX

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My PPD turned to clinical depression and I struggled on and off for almost 20 years. The last two years I have had no episodes, even though my life turned upside down around me, as we had to move in two weeks six months ago from our home and job of 16 years. But I feel really blessed for my new life and no depession episides.

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I'm so happy for you!!! I've been dealing with anxiety/depression for 29 years now. I'm not giving for me could so much worse!!! XXX

I agree with you and I too love being awake early to hear the birds greeting the new day! Here comes the sun! Just hoping that I don’t sweat too much! I love you too and hope you have a great day 🌞


I am new to this forum as well and congratulations on reaching out to others who are on the same journey!

have a lovely day

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