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I am tired


Hello, i even dont wath to post something but I need some help and knowing that unfortunately I am not alone makes me feel a lit a bit better. I feel anxious about everything, I dont want to meet new people and I even dont want to talk with nobody, I feel that nobody understands that I have a problem and that I need help. I forgot how ist to live in the present, I think about the past and the future. I feel tired sometimes to keep struggling I just want it to end, to not think for 5 minutes just to enjoy life. Sorry but I have so much to say that I will stop here. Thanks

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hi the reason you posted is because you feel you need help/support.if your anxious or suffering stress/depression then you accessed the right place.you have us on here for support but I hope you have accessed other help also ii.e doctor friend or family.dont keep in your thoughts to yourself.

Cicinuk in reply to kenster1

I didn't go to a doctor because I thought that I am strong enough to fight my thauts but I feel like it's getting worse. I did talk with my husband and some friends but they dont understand me, all i can hear is everything will be ok but it's not how I feel.

b1b1b1 in reply to Cicinuk

Try to see a therapist or a psychiatrist for help and possibly SSRIs.

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