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Friendship. Man it’s difficult. Especially if the friendship is freaking fantastic. What I’m saying is friendship can be unpredictable.

I have a friendship with someone and it was the best thing that has happened to me in quite a while. We both struggle with anxiety and depression. We both helped each other tremendously. But when I let myself get too close and too attached it didn’t go well. When he tried to leave because he thought I’d be best for the both of us.

He thought his sadness was bringing me down every time we talked about how everything has been. It never brought me down not one bit. I wanted to be there for him I wanted to help.

When he left he put me through hell. Our friendship was he absolute best. We were soo close. We cared soo much for each other. I cried and cried till I couldn’t no more. I thought I needed him to be okay. That was a false statement. I don’t need someone to be okay. All I need is myself.

He left one day then a couple of weeks later he comes to me for helped. Then he realized I was the one he needed to help him. He thought that leaving would be the best option to not cause hurt and heart ache. But he was wrong. He came back. Now me and him are back as friends. But since we took a long break it doesn’t quite feel the same as it was.

I know we have to build the friendship up again. When I first met him I would have never thought that our friendship would turn out to be like it was. The best part about the friendship was we knew each other deep down inside we knew the person we didn’t show anyone else. I knew who he truly was and he knew who I truly was.

I have learned not to get too attached. I won’t this time around. I’m sure everything will be okay.

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