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My life keeps getting worse

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No matter how hard I try, pray and think bad thing after another keeps happening. I'm homeless now due to a horrible fight with my sister due to me and my sons arguing over his excessive XBOX live playing...he beatsthe walls, yell and screams when hes losing i guess and lll tge way till 6am and he listens to no one about it. She kicked me out with no where to go after she made me leave my previous living situation that was low cost and affordable. She said I needed the support with my depression and to save so I can buy my own home. All she did was use me to babysit my niece and nephew and put me down, hide food from my son. Now I'm in a hotel at 70 dollars a day the cheapest I could find rn. I only work part time due to my depression and panic attacks. I don't know what to do it where to turn. I now have no one on my life who cares. EVERY single person had abdoned me...I guess I am that crazy...Why can't I just be normal and live a happy normal life. I'm at another low point and don't know what to do

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Dear SouthTexas

I can feel for you . It’s so horrible to go through all you are going through.

Just reorganise yourself, try and apply for low cost housing / schemes from government.

Keep yourself strong , things will improve. Slowly and steadily build your finances back to a place where you are in position to take decision for yourself and for your kid .

All the best with your home searching .

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Thank you for your much needed advice and motivation.

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Take care Grimreaper 🌹

So sorry to are going through a turbent time, I don't have much advise but I understand that family should be there for you and they can be the most unkind. But you will get through this divine intervention with come through I know.

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Thank you, I will try to stay strong at this difficult moment. I appreciate your kind words. Take care 🌹

Work with your local social services to find help, including low or no cost therapy for both you and your son. It sounds like he may have some issues too. You do have a place to live on a temporary basis, so try to use this time to get the help you need.

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Thank you for your advice. I feel stuck right now but I will take those steps to help situate things. I appreciate you replying with helpful advice that's truly needed right now.

Beloved, the previous post are so right! Seek the local Social Services in your area and they may very well find you emergency housing. The ones here did for my friend and her daughter. She had food stamps and housing. Eventually they gave her a place to live at a reduced rate. Also they may give you temp medical insurance and recommend counseling and employment help. Another resource is the local church. Try several and see if the Pastor will pray with you and connect you with other women. We have mommy groups and support systems that help women so that they can grow in the faith and also see that GOD has a plan and is willing to show you through scripture and community. There are lots of options. BE strong and seek out every available resource!!! I used to feel abandoned and alone, struggling to do life but then I found a good church and began praying with life changed. We all need some encouragement and God will place people in your path to help you! Don't give up HOPE! I'm praying for you right now! Unfortunately for now, your sister let you down...BUT God will never abandon you!

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Thanks you so much, esp for your prayers. You touched my heart with what you wrote. Its so amazing how God works through people to help others. I have faith, hope and motivation because of the good people like you and all the others who on here who have helped me and many others on here with your wonderful kind support and advice. Thank you again Barnabas17...hugs and love your way. God bless and take good care 😇💕🌹

Hi i feel the same way but you can work awsome i can't get out of my house without company that's awful 😭 i am so scare that have another panick attack

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I know how you feel , I'm blessed to have a boss who understands my anxiety. I work away from everyone and on my own because I'm afraid to have a panic attack in from of many. Sometimes I can't get out of bed, but she works with my schedule. I've never gotten disability butI sure need it, been suffering like this all my life it seems. It's tiringand I feel trapped most of my life.

Hi there..

I can imagine how exactly you’ve been through right now. You know what? I live under my grandparents roof right now. Because my parents can’t afford to buy our own place. It’s so sad while my grandparents are having their own problem, and i got to get involved sometimes.. and my spoiled unclee used to live here also, he always got the fanciest, most delicious and great food for breakfast to lunch to dinner, while me and my parents and my brothers only got the simplest food. If we just be thankful to God and just love what we do now, we will got the best thing in the world. And just believe, that God put you through this cause he has another great plan for you ahead. I wish you the very good good gooood luck! :)

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Sorry I'm so late to respond to your comment Natasha_1994, I do appreciate your response. Thanks for making me feel not so much alone in this unhappy living situation I'm in...its making my depression and anxiety worse. Also thank you for your good wishes, I wish you and your family the best as well. Ill keep you in my prayers. God bless your sweet heart 😇🌹💕

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And may God always bless you🙏🏻❤️

Please seek help from social services hun. I’m sure they could offer some help. Sorry to hear what your sis and kids are doing to you. Stay strong.

Did you belong to a church or is there one near you? They could help out with your basic needs. They would also show compassion. If not, try a different one.

Hi southtexas

How are doing now ???

Long time no update ..

You crossed my heart today! How are things going? <3

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