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Hi I'm new here so be gentle, I've had severe depression for many years now,, on various tablets etc, and just recently I was diagnosed with high anxiety as well as high blood pressure.

My relationship of 21 years recently broke up this year, me and the kids mom have got on really well, had a holiday away, but the last few days somthing has happened and completely knocked me down and I've now idea how to cope anymore, I spent 7 hrs in a&e a couple of nights back which was the start, I just really don't think I can cope anymore.

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What knocked you down?

Tech40 in reply to Hidden

Me and ex were together 22 years, split up recently but got on great since even had a holiday abroad, till recently and she told me she had met someone, there having days out etc she says there just friends, and this is the biggest thing to hit me for years I feel absolutely smashed and devastated, she's even buying motorbike gear, which he's into but she's never been into. It's hitting me massively

If somebody can inbox me I'll go further into detail rather than on here.

Hidden in reply to Tech40

That is rough. I would be devasted as well in that situation. I think for your own mental health you should not see the ex. You will only be teasing yourself.

May I ask what is a & e?

Emergency Room x

Hi Tech40, Welcome to the support group. You won't find a nicer, caring group of people than this forum. I'm sorry you are struggling right now. Unfortunately high blood pressure is provoked by high anxiety. I have that myself.

Whatever happened a few days ago apparently hit you hard enough to release the adrenaline and get your blood pressure to spike. Were you given any medication from your doctor. Blood Pressure meds can make a difference with your anxiety. Kind of a 2-fold med. The fact that you think you cannot cope anymore means you might need to seek professional advice from a therapist who can help you sort out and address the issues.

We are here to help get you through this difficult time by sharing our journeys with each other. You are never alone.

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