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no friends

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I am sad to realize that I have no true friendships, no day 1 friends, no long-term buddies, and every friendship I still have I seem to be slowly ruining. I know I am not the only one to ever feel lonely but not having any friends makes it a lot harder to go and make friends. I don't even want to leave my apartment even though I love nature and I am happy when I am there, I just can't get myself there.

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It sounds like symptoms of depression. Are you seeing a doctor for it?

Aww this is awful I'm sorry you're feelin this way!! it's good you're posting on here though! this can be tough I get it!💞 but don't avoid getting out to enjoy nature it's good for you and so is exercise & I'm sure you will meet friends just try & find some things to get passionate&interested into maybe volunteering? Doing art- or dance or other interests you might have??

since you love nature a lot maybe there's some activities you could find to get into involving nature more- is there a program where you live that does some kind or gardening or working with animals maybe?? just some thoughts?

I understand you completely. Lately, I have been feeling this exact way. I have always put more effort into my friendships, than the other person. This has caused great stress for me, and never has ended well. I advice you to spend time outside, or doing what you love. Buy a pet, and just go to places with people and people watch. Do activities that will help you feel less isolated from the world. But the first step in this is getting yourself out of you apartment. I know you can do it.

Hi Saaadgirl, I know exactly what you mean! I had a lot of friends but no one to talk to daily or out with. I have turned into someone who ruins relationships or is not reliable. I stay in my room all day.

It's sad because I have a great pool in the backyard with flotation devices. I can't force myself to put on my swimsuit and get out there.

The only time I get out is if I have to see my therapist or get prescriptions but once I'm out there I am happy. I wonder why didn't I get out there sooner?

Don't be like me, get outside and get fresh air. You'll feel better. I know you can do it. I'm forcing myself to meet a friend for lunch tomorrow. I have to remind myself not to cancel and I won't.

So get outside. People watch or even journal while you're outside. Write what you see, what you hear, smell and how you feel. You can do it!

I inderstand your feelings, i feel like that myself. I cant get out in nature because im "sorta kinda" allergic to the sun due to my Lupus. But maybe we can be friends. Sounds like me and you both need one.

As sad as it is, these moments in our lives (our darkest or even just another average day) shows us who's worth having around and who isn't.

I lost a lot of friends because of my anxiety/depression and because of a breakup that went south SO fast. But I realize that if those people REALLY cared they would've stuck by me no matter how hard things may get.

I'm a military brat so I know what you mean by no "long term friends" the few I did have left me for boys or whatever nosensical reasoning they had, which I just don't have time to deal with anymore.

Luckily, this forum is such a supportive and understanding place. Even if you feel like you don't have any friends, know you have a community full of them here, might not be the same but it's a start right?

Hope you feel better soon 🤗❤️

I feel this exact way.

What makes you think that it is just you who is ruining your friendships? Also, if you enjoy nature- you will feel better just by being there even if it's just getting outside and looking at the sky.

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