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i don’t know...Agoraphobia&Panic - Advice?

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i don’t know how to describe the feeling. but in many ways i do. i’m agoraphobic with panic disorder. so with that, i always look at the sky and think that it’s closing in on me. not like having a panic attack and feeling closed in but just feeling relaxed and then randomly getting these thoughts...of course that’s when i start to panic. i know i know that it’s irrational! but my voice of reason is so over powered my voice of...i don’t even know! I want to shake this fear of the sky and my agoraphobia. i can deal with the anxiety and panic attacks but i can’t handle my thoughts. Any advice?

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Hey there. First of all, depression is a lie. Remember that. What you are experiencing is a complete lie. You need to control yourself. From how many days have you been experiencing this?

Depression is based on brain chemistry. For some, it may be a symptom of something else, which makes you think it is a lie.

You have to battle depression. The world is so beautiful. Why do you need to be depressed?

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gerg in reply to Jake79

Conceptually depression could be a lie, but that could be concluded about everything. Love, hunger, happiness, or even existence, but that concept seems unlikely and unproductive.

I think that I would try to develop strength in my voice of reason. Developing new rational beliefs is a skill, and it can be very effective. I used RET, Rational Emotive Therapy, to gain this strength. It is a process, that with practice, that becomes automatic.

Search Dr. Ellis for more information.

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Jake79 in reply to gerg

Oh you are taking a therapy session? I cannot afford because I've spent a hella f money already and so doing self treatment. It's working I guess. Get well soon. You've got a good life.

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gerg in reply to Jake79

I have no idea what you are implying.

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