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Hi, I've started my GCSEs now, and so far so good, the only bad part was maths, I'm naturally not good at it, and during the exam I freaked out and forgot everything, I doubt I got anything. The worst part is I need a 6 in maths in order to do psychology. I got an 'episode' - essentially what I call my random sudden waves of sadness - during the exam also, I know it affects my performance, but I don't think there's anything I can do, I know I'll fail if I get one during the most important/ subjects I'm weak at, history, maths and Spanish. I don't really know what to do, I don't think I can do anything really. Just kinda ranting I guess.

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Is it stress taking anxiety? If that’s the case then I’d recommend trying to find ways to calm down. My therapist taught me if you push in your stomach and do 12-15 deep breaths it will calm all that!

As far as math goes just find a tutor or check out Khan Academy on YouTube. Just try your best, I know you can do it!

Thank you, I do try to watch lots of videos on YouTube, and they've been a big help! If I ever freak out again I'll try the breathing thing, I'm not used to feeling anxious lol 😅 the one I'm worrying about is if I'm the opposite, cause then I'll lose all motivation

My GCSE's were rough too , for me i had so many clashed between exam dates and some days i had 2 exams crammed in one day and few breaks in between exams in general , it was very stressful o kept getting panic attacks worrying about getting C's or D's (that was a year before the number system 1-9 started)

Maths were my biggest problem, too ..the night of results day i was contemplating waking my parents and going to the ER because i was panicking so hard my heart was pounding and I was throwing up i was a worse mess back then than now ..now i try to manage stress i learned so much here and i hope we can chat ...i would like for us to talk and help u throughout your GCSEs or A lvl and give u tips on managing stress while studying and many useful tips if u would like that

Good luck ;)

Hey, thank you I would love to talk to, but Ive actually finished my GCSEs. Onto a levels now 😂

😂😂 i forgot to check the date jeez ...i guess i opened your profile and didnt notice

😂😂😂 no problem lol I just haven’t posted in a while

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