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Depression without sadness?

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Hello. I was wondering if anyone knows what I am going through and if it could be depression. I have had constant debilitating fatigue for 7 years, along with constant body aches, constant tingling in arms and legs, difficulty thinking, concentrating and remembering. Everything is slow. I feel like a zombie, like I’ve been drugged, like my life is a fog. The fatigue makes me feel constantly numb and a bit careless. It’s as I’m too tired to feel. I also noticed even talking not anything I wanna spend my energy on. I feel like I need a kick, that I need something to give “life” back to me. I’ve done everything I can think of...nothing has helped. I’m not sad however, nor have I lost interest in things I care about. I find it difficult to fully feel emotions because of the numbness, but I still enjoy and care about these things. I was so certain there was a physical cause as my symptoms are predominantly physical but I’ve been very thorough to exclude any. I’ve seen many many physicians. Two abnormal blood tests, but after further extensive testing nothing to indicate a physical cause. I am now considering if there could be a psychological cause? I already have mild social anxiety and it is also very physical in nature.

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Hi WK1010, have you been checked by a Rheumatologist for Fibromyalgia? x

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I’ve seen a rheumatologist a couple of times and there was no mention of fibro. He didn’t find any abnormalities but wants to do a checkup again in September (sort of wait and watch approach to see if anything changes)

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Agora1 in reply to WK1010

I wish you well WK1010 in September. Once you know what you are dealing with (even Anxiety) it is easier to address it with out any doubts. I've had Fibro for 30 years and have adjusted to living with it. Take care and good luck :) x

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Its seems like you may have mild depression

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