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Hello I’m Samson. Been diagnosed with OCD. I’ve had OCD since childhood. I was also diagnosed with severe depression about 4 years ago. I suffer from many anxiety issues ....... excessive worrying, panic disorder, OCD. I’ve tried many meds and pretty much none of them seem to work. These meds can have horrible side effects. I found this site very interesting and informative. Many Blessings to all. Samson

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I have it too

Can be really tough. It’s definitely a battle


In the past I have suffered with anxiety, depression, insomnia, severe stress, the odd panic attack so I can empathise

You've found that medication doesn't always work, that's because it's trying to deal with the problems from an 'outside in ' approach

there are over 400 types of intervention therapy that modern professionals use that don't always work or only help in one aspect

There is a new understanding of where our experience comes from that works from the 'inside out' that is more effective

Since coming across this understanding I can see what causes all these 'problems '

Strongest123 in reply to RAB888

Thank you. I guess it’s a chemical imbalance thing. And of course outside stressors

RAB888 in reply to Strongest123

Yes and no.

Lifestyle and environment are key, along with staying active, eating well and being positive.

I exercise, I eat pretty well, and I have a fairly positive attitude, but until I came across this new understanding I didn't know what was actually causing my feelings and behaviours

Getting an understanding of the nature of your thinking could transform your life in a short time span

Strongest123 in reply to RAB888

Thanks for your response. My biggest problem is my negative intrusive thoughts that I can’t seem to defeat. They cause me a great deal of anxiety and stress. What is it you do for positive thinking? Just curious. Samson

Hi Strongest123. I to have intrusive thoughts or one word rather that constantly repeats in my head. I can say that it does get easier when we accept them. It's hard to do I know because I'm still working on it. I do read alot of self help books. They honestly and truly helped. I read alot on anxiety and OCD as well. I find that knowledge about these symtoms help me fear them a little less. What I do when I get the thought is just let it be there. I dont question it, put "what's ifs" connected to it. I do nothing. So far it has worked. Took me a year to get to this point. I still get the thought, but the anxiety I get with it isnt as bad as it was before. So I think acceptance has really changed my negative thought process and how I react to them.

When I get really depressed I see it as like the movie Rocky. When Apollo creed is beating the crap out of Rocky, giving him all he’s got. Rocky’s taking a severe beating, he does go down a couple of times, but he keeps getting up. He’s hurt, bleeding, worn, in pain, but he doesn’t give up. The referee warns his corner that he’s going to stop the fight but Rocky tells him not to. He absolutely positively never ever gives up no matter how much he is taking. Samson

Agora1 in reply to Strongest123

Hey Samson, ironically I use to play the Rocky Song in my mind as I would work out and jog up steps. The feeling of winning when you reach the top can't be denied :)

Good Analogy, thanks for sharing. :)

Strongest123 in reply to Agora1

You’re welcome. Thank you

RAB888 in reply to Strongest123

There's probably no one that doesn't have some negative self talk, it's what makes us human. We want to do the right thing, but beat ourselves up when we put so much pressure and expectations on ourselves but don't live up to our self created rules.

I used to suffer with extreme stress before I came across this simple understanding of where our experience comes from

A simple understanding that has the power to enable you to find the innate mental health and wellbeing that you were born with

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