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Need some one to talk to

I felt so much better a few days ago but the depression is right back again

I feel like I just wake up and look forward to going to sleep I have no one to turn to for my problems

I’m so down and alone

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Hi what do you want to talk about?


Do you have days like this and how do you cope


Do some projects and keep my mind off of them or look at people renting the same thing in thinking about on the internet lol


Talk to mehhhh. It’s my birthday and I’m just sitting at home eating away by myself haha

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Hey SilentJS, can't have your special day go by without wishing you

a Happy Birthday my friend. Best wishes for the coming year :) xx

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I too feel like that. Some days good, some days bad. Wonder what changes that can make my moods swings so sudden. Just coming to this Web site and I feel that others feel just like me. You are not alone.

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I feel you too, every morning I afraid of waking up from bed, because I don't know what can I do for the rest of the day, and the panic attack will come to me or not.

Even I leave my bed and start my day, my anxiety always comes and I have nobody to talk. Every this moment I feel like the world is abandon me.

Glad I am not the only one, don't give up, I hope we can survive this together.


I’m just mentally and physically exhausted from fighting this battle in my head everyday

Everyone days things will get better! But when? They don’t know how I feel I side or the pain I feel everyday

I wouldn’t wish this feeling on anyone


Me too,

Sometimes I doubt that"things will get better" is just a comfort, maybe it's real, but it's in the future, seem unreachable. So I try to force myself this accept the fact, live in present. I always scared that what if the things become worse, I will feel more disappointment and dispear in my future daily life.

I want to give up on all hope to wish that things will change, and only to wish I can get used to live with this painful agoraphobia and panic attack, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Yup, I wish so. Nobody should deserve this.


Some days will be harder than others, that's a given, sadly not every day will be amazing but we can try.

My dad would tell me that you have to go through the worst to get to the best, I never really believed him because I was convinced that my life was going not to suck no matter what.

But one day it changed, sure things still aren't always filled with sunshine and rainbows but I think that's a good thing, because then you can have a few days to get rid of the bad feelings.

I think you need to find something to keep you busy, could be anything, just something that distracts you from what's in your head.

Even then, you're here, and all of us are willing to listen and help where we can :)

Stay strong ❤️


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