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Hello everyone I'm new to the community and I'm having trouble dealing with my anxiety and depression I had my first panic attack last month and it traumatized me to where it cost me my job which I enjoyed and it left me scared to drive alone I believe it started when my fiancee left to take a job in another city and I was left to take care of our kids I felt overwhelmed eventually we all moved up to where she was working at I just need advice on getting my life back for mine and my family's sake thank you in advance

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I had panic disorder that eventually made me homebound for fourteen years. Seek help from a doctor that specializes in panic attacks and panic disorder. I had to overcome it by myself with self help books. The most important advice I can share with you is not to avoid situations or places that cause your panic attacks. Your world will shrink till you eventually become homebound. You have to fight for your life. Less you wind up like me.


Thank you for your advice I am deeply sorry that you had to go through that all those years I can drive for certain distances but not longer I begin to feel anxious I'm looking to find a doctor who's specialty is in disorders it gets hard sometimes to where I lose the fight

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It doesn’t matter how many times you lose. It only matters that you keep trying and not give in. You might want to try practicing your driving at night when their are less cars on the road and stay on local streets that offer a path to retreat so you can compose yourself to try again. Set a definable goal. Such as say one block from your comfort zone. Then work on that goal till you don’t get panic attacks when you go one block out of your comfort zone. It’s not easy and you will have to experience some discomfort, but you need to desensitize your brain to the situations that are causing the panic attacks.


You are right my fiancee tells me I need to be mentally strong and to not let it take over you I really appreciate your advice and I will do my best to set goals and find a way back to driving without total discomfort


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