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Awkwardness and social anxiety

Hi all, It's been a long time since I've posted here and things have been getting better. I'm getting better at staying less nervous and have been doing mediation and other practices. I just wanted to ask you guys any tips for social awkwardness. I know the only way is to be around people more, but it's hard. I want to know if my awkwardness is permanent and the best ways to improve it. I don't need to be a social genius I just want to be able to get through a day without feeling as if I want to.collapse. I'm a freshman in high school and I didn't have this consciousness before. I want to get better desperately. Life doesn't wait for you but I also know that patience is important to get better. Please give advice.

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How awesome that you are meditating! I'm glad you are improving. Keep up the good work. I have always been awkward too. My anxiety makes me uncomfortable in large groups. Not so much one one one. I watch YouTube videos for tips . And I look for memes for introverts at a party. I laugh because it's me at a party. You just have to practice come up with topics. Research interesting things. Ask a lot of questions. And maybe keep something in your hand like a cup to fidget. Hope you find some good tips.

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