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What should I expect from a therapist if I need help with panic and anxiety? What has worked for your panic and anxiety?

Mine just basically listens and tries not to judge me but I don’t feel I’m progressing or even feel like making many appointments anymore. I used to go to a mindfulness class that she led but now I get too panicy in the situation for the most part. I feel like I need a plan and help in reaching my goals. I want to be able to end panic attacks and be free from anxiety and depression. Another therapist I stopped seeing tried to get me to make progress with goals I wasn’t even interested in in the first place. Does anyone experience making progress in therapy? And what type of methods or ideas sent you in a direction of success? Thank you so so much!!! 💕

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Hello Starlight, sometimes Councilling (im in UK). Doesn't seem to help. I think it's about baby steps, really. But, these do need to be things that interest you. I find art n crafts, Tai chi, listening to music, reading a gripping Novel, or just a long walk. Have helped to distract me from my anxietys. You may never be rid of your anxiety but, it is possible with effort to still enjoy life. Best of luck 😊✌️🌻

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I agree. With effort, yes. Great effort. And distractions. I wish I was a bit more interested in things. I do love nature and art but having trouble wanting to paint or sketch. I am always standing, restless, too restless to do something chill. Reading and poetry are great if I can focus.And yes I don’t think therapy is working for me. Thanks so much for responding Dubba!


You are always welcome. When i look back to my time in Councilling, i think it did help a little. Even though i didn't think so at the time. Yes, I can procrastinate and avoid starting an Art project too. But, do you know? When i get started, it sort of runs away with me, n i get so engrossed! Paint or draw something from Nature. I'm sure you'd enjoy it. N i hope you tell me how it goes. 😊🌻✌️Dee


I should try that! It’s been a while. Thanks Dubba!


I am looking into books that may help, thank you HereIAm! Glad u r panic free.


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