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I feel like i should already have everything figured out before senior year

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Like im not sure what i want to do after high school, dad said i should take a few months and travel then come home and go to college, everyone at school already know what they want to major in which university they want to go to and im going to be a clueless senior next year with no direction. This is too stressful

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Hiya Symphony! I didn't know there a timetable to life? If there is, boy did I miss the boat! lol Seriously, though, everyone is different. Some people know exactly what they want to do with their life...others take more time. I'm 42 and I still haven't figured out which end is up. But, when I left high school, I was talked into going right into college. Biggest mistake I made at the time. I simply wasn't ready. It was kind of like being in a bigger version of high school for me. Symphony, the only one who really knows you is......you. If you don't know what to pursue yet, then that's fine. Taking time isn't always a bad thing. Life can be scary enough without feeling like you're being forced into a decision before you're ready. Take some time, discover what some of your talents are.....what you would like to do.....actually experience the world. You never know what interests and choices may open themselves to you.

Shoot for the stars, kid.......Find that right one........and let it propel you to the highest heights you'll ever know ;)

Brian :)

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Thank you and yes Dad letting me travel for half a year maybe by the time im home i will know what to do with my life

There's not a specific timeline or age when you should automatically have everything figured out

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I don't like not having everything figured out

I know i just like planning things to perfection i get anxious when i don't have a plan or direction

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I was envious of people who always knew what they wanted to do from an early age. To me it was hard to figure out what I wanted to do because I didn't have much life experience or exposure to different careers at that age. I changed my major twice in college. They say that only 25% of people end up in the field of their study.

You could take basic classes until you figure out your major. That is what i did...

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Thank you at least i can start somewhere

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Do you have counselors in your school that can help you determine your interest and strengths?

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She's not really helping she said i need to at least have an interest or some goals/dreams but im clueless

I do have a guidance counselor but for them to help i need to say at least what i want to be doing after high school, what my dreams are but i don't have any. Im hoping during my time traveling at least i can find something that interest me.

Ok i will ask mine about it and thanks for telling me about the classes i thought you were suppose to know what you want to major in before you go to college

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I’m on the same boat!!

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