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So I thought I’d kind of share how my day went.

I missed a counseling appointment Friday because I was afraid and I couldn’t find someone to walk with me. This morning I got an email from the therapist to see if I wanted to reschedule, and she made an appointment for me today.

I was scared at first but she was kind. I didn’t say too much, but I did inform her of a lot of info. I immediately thought she was going to put me on anxiety drugs, but instead she gave me an outline of how she wants to help me so I don’t need therapy my whole life. But yeah, I go back next Wednesday!

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Wow, good for you! I would have completely ignored the email and just never went back but that's me. Hope Wednesday goes well for you!

mhunnell19 in reply to Hidden

Thank you! Believe me, I almost did ignore it. I just took it as that she genuinely cared and I should give her a shot.

therapists have different ways of treating their patients- some are strictly cognitive therapists (focus on what you are thinking), some are strictly behavioral (focus on your behaviors), and some are biological (focus on medicine). Good therapists use techniques and practices from all 3 of these treatment styles. Some have preferences of what they like to try first, second, and so on. They also like to plan out treatment so that you know what goal you are working towards and they know what goal you want to achieve to help adjust their treatment plan. not every therapist's first instinct is to go to medicine- because some people can be helped more by talking or getting to the root of the problem. If the underlying problem isn't that your body is not producing enough seratonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, etc. then medicine will not help you very much.

Ho nice one.

Ive found over the last 7 yrs from being diagnosed with adult ADHD is that for me I found a little medication for a month then when you start to feel as though you are more level headed you see a behaviour therapist as I’ve learnt from mine is that if they are a true believer of ADHD is that you will learn what part of you is your own self and then the other half of you is your behaviour with ADHD.

You can then discover from when younger which behaviour was to do with ADHD.

At that time you increase the meds a little more as this will help you focus on the understanding of what you did in the last 40 yrs which for most ppl would have been a complete bloody blur.

You I realised there is no magic pill and you have to discover this for your self.

So what I found to be the sweet spot per say is when you start to get the ah ha moment which is when your brain is starting to work in a better and often quieter way

Then boom your off on

This exciting adventure on helping your self with your own self and learning etc.your brain can feel like a massive sponge soaking up info at the rate most ppl couldn’t do and the most amazing part is oh yer you start to retain this info.

Well folks that’s me done for the night.

I hope you all sleep well.if not trying walking along side of road and count the cats eyes.i mean a gentle stroll keeps you health.way better than counting sheep hey


Hi mhunnell19,

I'm telling you, that is ttally awesome! I wish so much I could find a therapist that actually cared that much. I have felt like a dollar sign to every therapist I have ever been to. Probably why I don't go to them anymore. Whoever your therapist is, they are a keeper! Good luck! Remember, you will only get out what you put in!

Hi mhunnell19

So you were afraid to see the councillor or walking on your own ?

Is it far to walk by any chance.

I find it helpful to jot notes down about what you want to chat about and also how you feel in your self.

If you have a phone on you that being handy just use notes to jot down some words.

If you have dictation on your phone use that as this seems to be pretty handy and they work better these days.

I always get nervous before seeing my physiatrist or my therapist.

We don’t like change if all is ok.

Its omg they may change my meds or get a different therapist or perhaps you just can’t think of what to say.

I know it’s hard but try not to miss to many appointments other wise they just put ppl at the back of the que.

The last therapist was a behavioural therapist and basically I had 6 months every Monday for an hr

I think in all that time I phoned him up and said I just didn’t fancy talking and he was cool about that.

Some times I would go and walk in to the session and just let him know I didn’t really fancy chatting so much today.

Other times I couldn’t wait to get there as I was full of info and once a month he would let me take the session.

I would bring notes and a picture of the wipe board from home to help me visualis what i wanted to chat about.

It took me 2 yrs of constant asking for therapy.

The guy retired after 6 months so we know what we had to get done in that time.

You find the correct physiotherapists that actually believes in adhd and you will be pleased with what the outcome can be.

I asked for tons of home work as I know this was gonna be do or die.

I read and read like you wouldn’t believe.i found that I couldn’t read black lettering on white paper so I would get sent links to my iPad and convert to white lettering to black background.

Omg what a difference.

Can you not manage to get the services to have like a buddy on those days ?

Oops sorry another long passage of words.

I hope this helps you and others that may read this

You’re fine. I was afraid of both. It’s like a 5 minute walk, but i was still afraid. I had a friend who was supposed to walk with me but he ignored me all day and when I asked what was up he said he was tired of my “problems”. But anywho, I appreciate the advice. The therapist was super nice when I met her which helped alot


I often get a bonus of feeling nice when I’ve struggled to get to see some one.but as they say.put in and you will receive reward and you will one day notice the benefit of life being nice to you.

When you get a rewarded bonus for pushing forward that seems bloody difficult at the time.

Sit down some where quiet and think about that good feeling yer.

Jot it down to another accomplishment and nice feelings.

Then just put that nice feeling in the back of your brain and use that feeling when your feeling crap.

Great job! I had the same issue with starting therapy. I put off going for the longest and even though I’m going now, it hasn’t been consistent. But luckily you have a therapist that is willing to work with you before going straight to medication. It’s awesome that you are seeing it through despite your initial hesitation.

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