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Moving in 3 days!

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Well I'm having some anxiety about starting over in St. George, Utah. I know it will all work out but just nervous. Vegas is the friendliest place I've lived!! I'm going to miss the cool ppl here. Such a variety of folks here in LV!! I think the depression has been related to moving. Once I've been there in utah for awhile it will get better! Trying to keep a positive attitude😎😀😎😀 Utah's beautiful scenery is beyond amazing. State parks so close!! My folks only 30 minutes away too. Other than that I keep you all in my prayers!! How's everyone doing this morning?? Hope you all have a very blessed day😀😎💝

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Hi there try getting some form of cbt or other form of therapy i really hope the move works out for you and best of luck david

Thank you David! I think it will all work out in time once I get moved in and get to know the area. Excited😀

Good god no way!! I'm only moving 2 hours away so Utah is almost as hot. Ugh. During the night and day its like breathing in hot air from a hair dryer. Unbearable. 95 at night 100s during the day. Ugh.

Ppl that have grown up here say the heat gets to them too!!

Yeah during the summer I drink a minimum of a gallon of water a day. At least. I don't drive due to losing my license after having a seizure driving. Really sucks. Time zone will be an hour ahead in utah.

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