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Sad but still forcing that half smile


Hey guys. Haven't posted in a couple of weeks. Still struggling to get through my days without crying or lashing out in anger. Feeling a bit weaker today. (State of mind weak). Why is it that some days are even harder than others? If we must suffer from anxiety/depression cant it least be one set feeling??? I go from low... to a little better.. to extremely low... anyone wanna do a brain swap???

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Good to see you're hear asking these questions, that alone shows a want and need to get better.

If only a brain swap was that easy lol.

The days come full force, but they also go just as fast. Like an ocean you have to ride the waves, sometimes they force you back to the safety of the sandy shore, kind of your support group or support person. Soon, you'll go out and grab a boogie board and you'll see that you don't have to push past the waves, it's okay to get on top and ride a wave to safety. Then go back out and try again.

Haha.. I like that.. try to remember your own words when you're feeling down lol.. tha is for the input is much appreciated ♡

I'm really bad about giving these great analogies and metaphors but then not listening to myself when it comes to these issues affecting me. I guess it'd be nice to hear them from someone else, you know?

Stay strong today! Everyone has bad days, but, the bad ones lead up to the great ones.

Believe me I know lol I can help a friend any day all day. But completely forget to apply those words to my own "issues". You stay strong as well.. make it a beautiful day 😍

But I still like the brain swap idea.. they apparently do everything else these days..why not swap brains 🤣

True true 😂

A brain swap.......that sounds like a brilliant idea! I hear you with the mood changes, feeling weaker some days. In fact, sometimes I feel strong for a minute and then next minute I feel weak.

Haha.. I hear ya.

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