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Breathing techniques



Just wondering what breathing techniques seem to work for you or find effective? I know everyone is different, but I have been trying to use breathing techniques but they don’t seem to work for me. I feel like they make me more tense? I don’t seen to be able to control my breathing and I feel like I’m getting more heart palpitations when I try to do breathing techniques. Not sure if is all in my head. But everywhere I read, there are recommendations for breathing. The last I tried was breath in 5 seconds, hold for 7 seconds and breath out for 9 seconds . What has work for you? Thanks

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Hi,breathing properly,allows you to slow down your mind..puts YOU IN CONTROL..I’ve downloaded an App called Calm.It is free for 7 days,its so AWSM,I bought it for a year‼️ I invite you to try will learn so much!Good Luck,and SMILE❣️

Preciouslamb1 in reply to Beccav

I will check it out for at least the free trial, just hoping I can find a free one? I’m wondering if I’m just breathing wrong just because I don’t seem to find you just follow what the app tells you and find relieve?

Beccav in reply to Preciouslamb1

Just go to,last year it won for Best teaches how to breathe,has choice of music, relaxing pictures,teaches Mindfulness,everyday there’s a 10-15 minute talk..also has an Emergency calming technique,to help you when you feel helps me relax,so I can slow down,put things in perspective. It’s been so helpful..Even has stories to fall asleep by!! Imagine yourself enjoying life,moment by moment??

My therapist suggested that I try the combo that worked best for me. It took some practice to see what I was most comfortable with. Usually mine is something like in 5, hold 4, out 8. She said really the most important thing is that you exhale longer than you inhale to help keep you from taking in too much oxygen and getting the feeling of being lightheaded. I’m not sure there is a “right way” to do it, just the way in which you are most comfortable.

Thank you for the suggestions. I also suffer from asthma although is under control, not sure if it affects breathing t techniques. I will keep in mind to exhale longer and see what works for me. Thanks :)

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