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As a person who has long suffered from anxiety and depression I’ve tried everything. Multiple medications and therapy. And while affirmations, exercise, and meditation have had positive affects, my anxiety can still be overwhelming.

I’ve read multiple articles and the benefits of CBD oil, but I was curious if anyone on this forum has tried it or is currently taking it. Have you seen the benefits? Where do you get it from?

Any feedback is appreciated.

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I also have done my homework....and yes....I am considering taking it, haven't yet, will post how it works out after a trial test run....It is a bit expensive so I'll have to wait till finances afford me to purchase it.

I’ll be interested hear how it works for you.

dillydally1 in reply to sshawn

hi, what is cbd oil ?

I've used cbd oil before. I bought it in liquid form and just added it into my regular vape juice! I found it to help. It definitely had a calming effect.

Thank you all for the feedback.

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