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Anxious/Alone/Lonely/Lots of Responsibilities

So I'm on my bed. Just writing this post.

I hate how I didn't get a text back from my boyfriend. He usually says good morning way before anything else but I don't know what happened today...

I'm guessing it's busy at his work right now?

Or maybe he's not at work yet?


Sorry guys

.... Relationship stuff.

I'm supposed to clean the floor before I do stuff for myself.

I ve called suicide hotline. I didn't feel any better.. It felt like I wasn't making any sense.

I didn't know what I wanted either.

Low on energy. I want someone here in person...

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I am so sorry you feel so alone. I am here if you want to chat.

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Im sorry you feel lonely and anxious..

you’re probably right maybe he’s at work .. or just hasn’t seen it yet x there will be a reason

Message me anytime x

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Z239, I totally understand the feeling of missing that “good morning” text from your S/O. It can make you feel lonely and sad, as if you’ve been forgotten. I bet he’ll text you as soon as he can. As for calling the hotline, I’m sorry it didn’t make you feel any better. I suggest if you’re feeling really down, a hot cup of tea can be comforting. Or even taking a power nap can help. It can be hard to do the things we need to when we feel blue , and lonely on top of it. Maybe meditate. Center yourself and make the day about you! I’m here if you need to talk more ☺️ deep breathes my dear

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Try this app called Calm it really helps me and I hope it helps you too ! X

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