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Hi Im Nate, i ve never done any of this before but here we go, over the past couple of years I go through these worriful and sad phases. I tend to feel better when I go hang with friends but, since alot of them are off at college i dont see them too often. I tend to whenever I have free time overthink everything. I just want to beat the anxiety I have and be able to live a better life

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I'm glad your here sharing Nate147, sometimes some of us have a hard time being alone, and it's hard to get out of that feeling. Your not alone here, and there are many posts here from other members that are coping with those feelings too. You may find some comfort in knowing that others go through this, and also when you interact with others here, it does feel like your with someone, then your not alone.

Hai. I am currently having this problem now.

I haven't gotten a text from my boyfriend in helluh hours. Usually he texts good morning... And I'm helluh worried here and there.

I double texted him too...

After that I called suicide hotline. After I texted a crisis hotline...

I'm at my lowest when I have responsibilities to finish...

And I haven't showered after work since I got back 1:30am. Overnight work.

I feel like sleeping will make it worse for me... I get nightmares and some close to just being horrible. Like I end up yelling in my dream and feel like it was legit.

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