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Hello. Mornings can be really tough. Grateful I'm sleeping at night now, and hope that doesn't change. Depression, anxiety and overwhelmed over job loss a few weeks ago and really scared what the future holds if I don't secure a job relatively soon. No confidence or sense of security, especially when I first wake up. It would help to have a friend or 2 on here I can talk to who understands and can help get me through these daily periods of despair and fear.

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  • It's so fantastic to hear that you are sleeping at night now, so good for you! Don't think about it just keep yourself in the rhythm of what your doing and thr sleeping will continue!

    I'm not sure if you're a religious person, but what I believe is that everything happens for a reason and God really has a plan for us all. So it'll all work out for you just slow down and pray.

    BUT you could read that and totally disagree so, I think you need to take life by the handle and steer in the direction that you want it to go. Job loss is extremely difficult and extraordinarily stressful. I personally have not been through it, but my dad has and it put a tremendous stress on my family and my parent relationship.

    You must not let your depression take a hold of you at this time especially if you know that you need a job you must take control of it. I have struggled with severe anxiety and depression myself so I understand how you feel. But when I understood that certain tasks HAD to be done, I just pushed everything in my head to the side and just did it. I got out of bed I left my depression under the skin, maybe I gave everyone a death stare everywhere I went, but I got things done.

    please feel free to chat to me if you want to on private message or on the replies!

  • I appreciate your sensitive words. I had a pretty tough day today and the same negative thoughts keep swirling through my head non stop. I'm going to try and sleep now because there's somewhere I'm trying to get to in the morning. It's kinda nice to have an appointment and a reason to get out of bed. Thank you for understanding and yes, I would like to continue this conversation because I'm afraid more heartache is imminent.

  • Some days will without a doubt be worse than others. I had an awful day yesterday's, but today has been better already and I've only been awake for 2 hours.

    If it's possible maybe try and make some form of appointment every day or every other day if you can to give yourself a good reason to get out of bed!

    I'm forever here to talk

  • Thank you. My biggest concern right now is finding a source of income. Does anyone have experience or advice on finding income that doesn't involve a traditional job?

  • how can you do it?

  • How can I do what, sorry? Do you mean give myself the reasons to get out of bed?

  • I hear you morning anxiety is bad. I've had it on and off for a long time. Give yourself some room to get better. Therapy and medication do really help. I was out of work for a time and it can make you anxious . Do you have friends to talk to? We are here for you. I bet everyone on this site can relate to you. Keep in touch.

  • Thanks to those caring people who write to me and reinforce that I'm not alone. Today was a better day because I was able to make it out of the house and have an early start. Some good things happened today and it's important for me to share even the smallest glimmers of hope - because I'm fully aware how fleeting these moments are, at least lately.

  • Mitch, l definitely agree getting up and out can help a lot. I sleep too much and then I feel depressed. Do you have a therapist? Try and find one. There are places that are cheaper than others. God bless


  • Job loss is very scary for me and since I'm now 51 years old, feel a bit less hopeful than I used to. It's particularly difficult when I get excited about a job, only to be led to disappointment that it didn't come through - so now I have little to no expectations. Getting out of the house and facing people is rough too because I've been hurt and let down so often that I've unfortunately built up a wall based on fear and mistrust. Often I feel at peace when I'm home or alone but I also value the community on here that really does seem to understand and care.

  • Hey Mitch, I know how you feel, I'm going thru and dealing wit almost the same thing. Getting sleep is super important and helpful so that's great for you. But yea losing my job drove me nuts, it still does because I had that job for many years and can't seem to get myself back on track and out of this depression enough to find another job in my past industry or even have enough confidence now to go on an interview. Plus I was recently diagnosed as Bi-polar II so I'm in a waiting period of getting stabilized. Despair and fear is so scary and exhausting.. Feel free to reply or PM me anytime.. And thank you for your reply on my post. Best, James

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