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I can't sleep at night. So I just sleep all day...


Hopefully it is warm and sunny tomorrow. So I have a reason to get up. I love the spring time because I can plant my garden and it's the most calming time... Until I start worrying about all my plants withering and dying because death is inevitable.

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Why are you not sleeping?

I don't think I've ever been asked that question before. But I'm not tired. I try to sleep but my head is so busy with thoughts that it is impossible to sleep.

Do you feel depressed or anxious?

I don't really feel anything. At all.

You could be suffering from depression. Have you reached out to your Doctor?

I have never been evaluated by a doctor I am 21 and my parents don't believe in treatment for anxiety/depression so I just deal with the madness that is my life the best that I can. I can't afford to go to a specialist so i just talk to people I can kind of trust when I'm feeling really bad.

There are several OTC herbs that you can try. St. Johns Wart could help. Magnesium has a calming effect and could possibly help with insomnia. Evening Primrose and Melatonin are also good. May I ask why your parent's don't believe in treatment?

My parents are old fashioned in the since that they call depression and anxiety "being sad and worrying" when in reality it's so much more than that. My older brother got diagnosed with schophriena 6 years ago and I felt guilty for complaining about my problems and I just worried about him instead.

Insomnia is awful - makes my depression so much worse, and in some people is even the cause of it so definitely worth trying to sort out your sleep.

to help with sleep - you need to decide you want to change your sleep pattern as its tough - especially if you've been in your current pattern for a while.

If you are ready you have to basically stay up all day to try and reset. then you will be tired at night. you decide on a bedtime and go to bed anytime after this time when you are tired. Don't go to bed until you are. then set an alarm in the morning so you cant lie in - even if you have just gone to bed an hour before make yourself get up and keep going for the next day.. it takes a few weeks to change though so not great to try when you have anything happening where you need to be awake and focussed - best starting when you rare on holidays and don't need to drive for the first few days. . you only allow yourself to sleep between your 'night sleep hours' and force yourself to keep going through the day - no naps! its really hard but can help you feel like you are re-joining the world again by being in sink with others. Some people use melatonin or other sleep aids to help them feel drowsy at the right time if they find that even though they are tired they cant sleep at night due to worry. I've used sleeping tablets on and off and find them useful but you can only take them for about a week or 2. I think melatonin you can take for longer but check with your pharmacy.

Do you think you may be trying to avoid anything by having this sleep pattern? - seeing people/ parents/ jobs/ study? if so you might need to confront and deal with this first to be able to get the motivation to change it.

good luck I hope you are successful as no sleep or odd sleep is really rubbish x

Ok you gotta get back on normal sleep at night so you're going to have to tough it out and stay awake during the day as best as you can...try 10mg of melatonin about and hr before bed. ..take magnesium at night. you can always get more plants or flowers when they die..good for people that work were they sell plants and those that grow them

Do you have any insurance?, If your still on your parents most plans cover mental health stuff.Its just as important to take care of your mental health as it is any other disease your parents are stuck in the past. Why do you think people turn to alcohol and illegal drugs? Anxiety and depression. Get some treatment... sometime churches have counselors that can help for minimal cost..and I'm not a holy roller but church groups can give you support for your anxiety for free its up to you to do what's comfortable for you..try listening to music you enjoy and just start doing things like walks will help boost your spirits. You have a community here that understands so know that...volunteer at an animal shelter if you like animals they give you unconditional love my dog helps with anxiety and depression I call him my therapy dog cause he gives me love and joy😊

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