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What if we dont believe our thoughts

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Investigate, challenge, pause, look at our beliefs more deeply.

I am not my thoughts. Sometimes the thoughts are real but not true. That world is not who I am. The truth is much bigger. This opens up the gate for freedom.

Trying this! So far it is a bit scary to go against the strong old beliefs but working on allowing joy from ones that are not limiting which is also unfamiliar and scary sometimes. Trying!

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Nicely put 😊

How is it going. Does it seem to be working

Well I have been catching myself more and sometimes replacing with positives helps me believe but it is hard to stay truly believing as they keep coming up... I will keep trying.

I need to work on this as well. Feelings are not facts!

Best to you!

I have spent my life responding to feelings and not facts. The change is hard but helpful.

So true! I bet it will get easier in time. Best to you!

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