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Lost hope for this site helping

When I was relatively active on here a month or 2 ago it didn't do much for me. I mean it's nice to know you're not alone and all but like I already talk about my problems relatively often anyways, so complaining on here isn't much different than complaining IRT.

I just kinda lost hope and motivation for this site. But I'm gonna give it another chance I guess.

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I think that’s all it means to be, a way to show that you’re not alone. Everyone here goes through the same feelings, in their own way. It honestly helps me a lot to read about how others struggle, because even though we’re all strangers, we’ve all got this in common. Don’t expect it to be more than it is, just a way to show that you are and never will be alone. Unfortunately this site cannot cure any mental illness we have, though that’d be nice!


Yeah it would be nice. I just don't know what to do anymore.

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I’m so sorry that you lost hope in this outlet, but I hope you find help elsewhere, if not here.

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I feel that way often, the only thing to do is to refocus.

Do you have any ukulele songs to pass on? ;)


Yeah i suppose it is what it is here at least you can speak with people who can identify with your depression issues..

I have a couple of friends i can talk to but they really do not understand the anxiety and depression bits properly..

This is where you can discuss that hoping you meet people that have some kind of help or at least understanding i have found it very helpful...

Reading through many of the others posts has helped me more than actually discussing my issues..


I felt the same way when I first started. But my problem was getting overwhelmed with everyone else’s issues on top of my own. Others encouraged me to weed through what doesn’t help in order to find what does.

One way it can help is when something someone else says strikes a chord with you (as yours just did with me), give them some of your personal insight. Everyone thinks a little bit differently and it really helps others to hear your point of view AND it helps you because it clarifies the things that you are trying to apply to your own life. (ie writing this response to you has reminded me that what I have to say matters and that I have value to others).

Another way it can help is by challenging yourself and others to set and accomplish goals. I need to start exercising more and getting outside more. I know there are others out there who feel the same way, so I can write a post about it and see who responds. Then we can check in with each other.

I hope this helps a little. Feel free to PM me or follow me or just ignore me! Haha

Best wishes


Same here, Zoloft and Trazadone have helped my anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

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maybe your just kind of loosing interest in a lot of things in your life right now, this site is just one of them from what I've read on your other post after this one. Sounds like you need to maybe try to do something for someone else to get out of your own head. I mentioned volunteer work, maybe contribute your time to being supportive to others who are in need. Bake something, go to the library, work part-time helping people, like in a soup kitchen. Opens your eyes to a lot outside your own life, and makes your life more fulfilled.


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