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Going off of prozac

Does anyone have any experience stopping Prozac? I've been on antidesspresants for about a year. First Zoloft then Prozac, and after talking with my doctor decided to stop. I feel like I don't need them anyone plus I felt like they were making my horrible insomnia worse & anxiety worse. So she told me to take one every other day for 5 days and then stop. Since starting to stop, this is day three. I'm noticing my anxiety is getting worse, and I'm clinching my teeth & jaw. And my insomnia is worse. I'm hoping this is just my brain trying to readjust without taking the Prozac and that it won't last that long. My doctor also told me that I could start buspar or Xanax as needed. But I'm trying to control my anxiety naturally but I'm finding it very difficult. Does anyone have any experience stopping Prozac and can tell me what to except?

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I was prescribed Prozac when it first came out many years ago. I suffered from extreme agitation (akathisia) for the two weeks that I was on it. To me, it was like being tortured for two weeks straight, 24/7. I got virtually no sleep and literally couldn't sit still. Finally, I was put on something else, and those symptoms faded quickly.

It's not impossible to control anxiety without drugs, but it's pretty tough to do, at least at the beginning. Don't be afraid to use meds to get it under control - with your doctor's approval, of course. When things look better for you in the future, you can always work with your doctor to slowly lower the dosage(s).


When I stopped taking prozac (I actually started on zoloft first too)I was switched to lexipro which didn’t help very much but I have been always taking buspar since I started taking meds and I honestly think it helps a lot. The prozac and the buspar worked together like peas in a pod for me. (The only reason I stopped taking prozac was because I was at one of the highest dosages and I still needed a little more.) I highly suggest trying using the two but keep in mind there is a lot of side effects for everyone.



i was given ther smallest dosage of xanax by my Dr. to address the breakdown i was having due tue greif and family and health stress. i am 42 and have had anxiety most of my life, i have stayed away from medication as lond as i could opting for natural solutions. The xanax has helped me calm down enough to be able to ge some sleep becausei had been averaging three hours a night. I am now not taking them all the time. as i use it only as an alternative to those severe attacks where nothing else will help.


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