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Over thinking life

I love Science more specifically biology(because of my dyslexia I'm not great at math) so I've always thought of a career in the medical field specifically a Dr. because I love challenging myself in school I've always had this curiosity but ever since joining high school I fell in love with the drama department acting comedic improv and more. As the overthink care I am I think getting through medical school and residency would be very difficult and stressful but doable. I also think a career in drama would be extremely difficult to be successful in once you have your medical license it's easy to find a job but there are so many people who want to be in drama I love them both equally. Getting through medical school is not easy and I'm aware of that hell I'm even having problems again through high school but being successful in being able to support a future family in drama is a very difficult I love them equally this post isn't me asking a question this is just me ranting. Since I was little I've always been serious in science so maybe I'll pursue science. But my newfound love for drama maybe what I do that is a question I will answer myself thanks for listening to my rant.

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Why not make medicine your career to earn a living and keep drama as a hobby? x


yeah that is a something iv thought about it is possible to do but then this is about the medical perfection is very difficult to have hobbies that have the petechial to take up so much time of course I will keep acting into college. thank you for answering


Both are very admirable goals. Make yourself happy. That’s important. Becoming a physician or nurse involves a lot of math. It can be done though. I am sure you will be good no matter what you decide. I know of a few doctors that are now actors. Have you heard of Dr. Ken? He was a physician and is now a movie and tv star as well as a comedian. He is Asian and very talented. Look at how many shows or movies also have doctors in them. That could give you an edge! I’m a grandma and still tell people I haven’t decided what I want to do when I grow up. Although I started nursing school in high school and worked in the medical field my whole career until I retired due to physical disabilities. Get your course classes done and keep thinking about your dreams etc.


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