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New to the community

Hi All,

Just joined the community and it seems like a great place to seek and give support and encouragement! I’ve had severe anxiety and struggled with depression, though not as severe, for most of my life. I’ve been through lots of therapists and tried a wide variety of meds before finding the best fit for me. My anxiety and depression had been, relatively speaking, well controlled for about 10 years. A few years ago that changed and unfortunately I’ve been allowing my anxiety to dominate my life and denying that it had gotten out of hand. It had gotten to the point where every day was/is a battle.... My doctor started me on medication, which I’ve always been resistant to following suicidal thoughts etc with meds in my teens, and I’ve started seeing a therapist weekly. It’s been going ok but it is early days.... Just trying to stay positive and reminding myself that it can and will be better. It’s not forever it’s just for today

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