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Hello I lived most of my earlier life "feeling" the ups and downs until I was forcefully raped at 14 years old than more depression. I could not tell my parents until many years later. Lately the ptsd is back and i vividly see the helplessness and nobody listened to my cries. The later years I had good years until my mentally ill daughter and the extremes kept me in a pressure cooker. How do you keep the past from sucking your life today.

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Understand that when that happened to you it wasn't your fault! It makes me sick that we can be so taken advantage of. Try to do the best you can of letting it go, I know it happened to me 2 times, we are not to blame , it's them! Sending you love, peace & hugs! XXX


Darling I'm so sorry to read what happened you, I think the only way you can deal with it, is report, and the f..Ker that did it, it's never to late, you see it all the time in the news,that's why u can't deal with it , get justice, you have too, please report it, deal with the hard stuff and then live your life xx😃❤️


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