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Novelty and dopamine

Does anyone else feel like boredom contributes to their depression? My job is incredibly dull and I swear that contributes to depression. On the other hand, if I can find novel things to engage my mind in like a good book, a classic video game, playing an instrument, or meeting someone new then I feel better. Doing the same good things though for too long leads me to boredom and depression. I’ve read that novel activities cause the brain to release dopamine which increases well being. Makes total sense.

Ok I’m bored , going onto something else 😆

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I came off meds and being quiet in work definitely caused me to spiral down back on meds now


I’m not sure I understand - are you saying being slow at worked caused you to spiral?


Boredom is a BIG factor. Especially sitting in one place being bored. And your concentration will go which will frustrate you and make you irritable. It is a bad situation. I speak from experience. Also to say that novelty seeking will lead to troubles of its own.

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