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Why arent i enough??

Why arent i enough??

Am i ever going to be enough to a Man... Im on my 3rd relationship failing as we speak. Ive always gotten cheated on, or dis respected i was supposed to get married next month bu that changed today. Got in a argument he pretty much said im a fat lazy piece of shit only good for sex an i have his kid. Shows me no emotion no nothing. Guess ill never be good enough.

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You are enough to move on. He isn’t enough love or support for you. I feel the same way about men. They don’t build me up; they tear me down. I never feel enough and that just sucks. It doesn’t make me feel any better but my mind knows that they have the issues, not me and my only issue is I keep accepting the same type of man into my life. It makes me feel badly when another one doesn’t work out, but I have to keep saying he didn’t have enough for me— not enough respect, love and support. Yup the sex was good; but that is not enough for me!!!!!!! Not for you either. Run fast; you deserve better.


I think that someone who really loves you and care for you wouldn't say that not even how angry he was.

I am sorry you were gonna get married and then this happened. I was gonna get married this year too but after an argument everything ended. I guess you can't know what it is going on through someone's head. I do believe there are many mean men and women but I also know there are many good men still. I'm not saying go and find someone else straight away but don't lose faith. Be very careful next time and make sure you find a gentleman.

In my case I'm not interested in anyone and don't want to be with someone else, not because I'm afraid this happens to me again, it is cos I still love him and miss him. He was very nice and my best friend but unfortunately everything ended and I don't even know the reason.

Best wishes for you x


How old old are you if you don't mind me asking?

Sounds like this guy is NO good for you who speaks to you like that. You deserve better.

He's out there just be patient. It's hard to break away from these kinds of relationships, their addicting. So be strong and move on. Next time look out for the RED flags.


If you are prepared to put up with this kind of behaviour then it is all you will get. I just can't understand why some women (and I am a woman) put up with this kind of ridiculous behaviour and think it is "love". I honestly think some women have a masochistic urge, ie they want to harm themselves. Why even spend one second thinking about this idiot! X


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